Banking plays a crucial role in any internationalization strategy, whether for business or personal purposes.

We have a wide network of local and international banks and payment service providers that offer top-quality banking services and ensure that your financial needs are met in a constantly evolving landscape.

Our banking service goes beyond simply introducing you to the bank. We help you correctly complete business plan forms and provide the bank with the necessary business details, commercial information, and explanation of the purpose and use of the account in order to increase the chances of approval for your account application.

Banks want to know exactly how the account will be used and require all information to be clear and accurate. We will work with you to minimize any back and forth and ensure a smooth account opening process with the highest chance of success.

We also assist high-risk businesses, such as those in the crypto, gaming, and forex industries, in obtaining bank accounts. We help obtain legal opinions and review your company’s KYC procedures, designing a strong KYC process to make our banking partners comfortable in opening corporate accounts for your business.

Our banking service also includes introductions to payment processors and merchant accounts to better support our e-commerce clients.